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yabo亚搏-佩雷拉:逆转取胜非常重要 满意上港球员拼搏团结
yabo亚搏-佩雷拉:逆转取胜非常重要 满意上港球员拼搏团结
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yabo亚搏官方网站|休斯顿公开赛允许有限球迷到场 门票已售出2000张
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yabo亚搏_湖人夺冠背后:科比激励珍妮 詹皇凌晨4点起床 却险放弃本赛季
That day, Jenny Buss gave Zeng rate那天,珍妮·布斯(Jenny Buss)Her team is about to win the first championship since the death of her father, Buss, and her first championship since Jackson retired in 2011. She used to win the championship with the Lakers, but this championship is of great significance. It seems a good idea to contact the coach with the most championship rings (11) in history.自从父亲布斯去世以来,她的团队即将赢得首个冠军,而自杰克逊于2011年退休以来,她的首个冠军。

That day, Jenny Buss gave Zeng rate

那天,珍妮·布斯(Jenny Buss)

Her team is about to win the first championship since the death of her father, Buss, and her first championship since Jackson retired in 2011. She used to win the championship with the Lakers, but this championship is of great significance. It seems a good idea to contact the coach with the most championship rings (11) in history.


"We talked about the last race," Jackson said, "and how to avoid rollovers and maintain balance."


Jackson has been following the Lakers this season. He believes that Jenny understands that her stable presence and leadership are essential to the team's success. All she has to do now is keep it up.


On the 356th day of the 74th season of the NBA, the Lakers beat the Heat 106-93 and won the 17th championship in team history.


On Sunday, there were colorful confetti and champagne in a barely empty stadium in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The NBA used this as a refuge for the rematch, allowing them to escape this deadly pandemic, which disrupted the entire season and the society we are used to.

周日,在佛罗里达州布埃纳维斯塔湖一个空荡荡的体育场里,有五颜六色的五彩纸屑和香槟。 NBA以此作为重新比赛的避难所,使他们能够逃脱这种致命的大流行病,这种流行病破坏了整个赛季以及我们习惯的社会。

Jenny wore a fuchsia coat and crisp white shirt. The neckline was wide enough to see the gold necklace hanging around her neck, with the signature of her late father Dr. Jerry Buss.


Then, she did what her father had taught her to do: give the spotlight to the players and let them enjoy it first.


"In 2020, we have all encountered too many challenges," she said before the game. "Really suffocating."

“在2020年,我们所有人都遇到了太多挑战,”她在赛前说道。 “真令人窒息。”

And the 2020 champion belongs to the team that has been the most united, which is more appropriate.


"This is what the family does for each other," said Jenny, "support each other when it feels unsustainable."


From the commotion of last year’s offseason to the team’s iconic figure


"Anyway," Jenny said. "The proofs are all working hard. This is where we find comfort and mission."

“无论如何,”珍妮说。 “证明都在努力工作。这是我们找到安慰和使命的地方。”

In those moments when it might be overwhelmed, the Lakers remained stable.


"I will start to reflect on those challenges," Jenny said. "It is exciting to reach the Finals at such a moment, but it is also sad because we have experienced too many losses, and at this moment we cannot compete with the Lakers fans. gather together."

詹妮说:“我将开始反思这些挑战。” “在这样的时刻进入总决赛是令人兴奋的,但是也很遗憾,因为我们经历了太多的损失,并且现在我们不能与湖人的球迷竞争。聚集在一起。”

She paused when she said this. This sentiment is reminiscent of an old thing Jackson often said about his mentor, Turks Winter.

她这么说时停了下来。这种情绪让人想起杰克逊经常说的关于他的导师特克斯·温特(Turks Winter)的一句话。

"Tex has many quirks because he lived through the era of the Great Depression and there was no food on his table," she said. Every time the Bulls and the Lakers eat out at a high-end restaurant, or eat a hotel buffet, Winter always packs all their food.


"Phil was crazy about him," she said. "He thought, ‘we are all staying in the hotel, where can you pack it?’"

她说:“菲尔为他疯狂。” “他想,‘我们都住在旅馆里,你可以在哪里收拾东西?’”

"But I think now we can all say that we have experienced this pandemic, so many heartbreaking moments, and so many challenges."


Working with her father for decades, Jenny has learned how to run a basketball team. Among the six children, he chose her as the team's agent before his death.


"I want to say that he has his own children, but the Lakers are his treasure," Jenny said. "He made me take charge of his baby, because he knows that I will do my best to protect this baby."

詹妮说:“我想说他有自己的孩子,但湖人是他的财富。” “他让我负责他的孩子,因为他知道我会尽力保护这个孩子。”

Recruiting LeBron is a key step in rebuilding the Lakers brand, but until she builds a championship lineup for LeBron, the work is not complete, and this work is time-consuming. LeBron was patient, but the Lakers fans did not.


When the Southern California native Kawai Leonard reached a cooperation with Paul George, who joined the Thunder, and chose to sign the Lakers opponent the Clippers, Jenny and her small circle were once slammed.

当南加州本地人卡哇伊·伦纳德(Kawai Leonard)与加入雷霆队的保罗·乔治(Paul George)合作并选择与快船队签约时,詹妮(Jenny)和她的小圈子一度遭到重创。

Friends and colleagues persuaded her to consider replacing general manager Rob Pelinka and find someone more senior. She sometimes called Jackson for advice, but he always convinced her of her instincts.

朋友和同事说服她考虑更换总经理Rob Pelinka并找到更高级的人。她有时打电话给杰克逊寻求建议,但他总是说服她相信自己的直觉。

"I have never lost faith in the people who work with me, so it is not difficult to do," she said. "The difficulty is not to defend myself, or the people I care about-such as Rob and Linda (Lambis)."

她说:“我从未对与我一起工作的人失去信心,因此这样做并不难。” “困难不是捍卫自己或我关心的人,例如罗伯和琳达(兰比斯)。”

"But someone told me, ‘this will be the hardest time in your life, and the only way to stop criticism is to work.’ This is our mission, to do a good job."


She watched Pelinka establish a trusting relationship with LeBron and Davis, just like he did with his former client Kobe. He will consult with them on personnel issues and make them the co-designers of the team without hurting their self-esteem.


She noticed that when Leonard asked them to wait until July 5 and other free agents they followed signed elsewhere, Pelinka quickly filled the roster.


Replacing Pelinka with another experienced manager can only be the winner of the initial press conference. She doesn't want to be the winner of the press conference anymore.


"Social networks taught me that many times people's purpose is to weaponize it or manipulate public opinion," Jenny said. "But when we can win or enter the finals, others can't control public opinion. No matter what, the proof is that we are working hard. This is our comfort and mission. But the most difficult part is that we have to bear the shots from others Arrows, mud and ridicule thrown can't make a counterattack either."

詹妮说:“社交网络告诉我,很多时候人们的目的是将其武器化或操纵舆论。” “但是当我们赢得或进入决赛时,其他人将无法控制舆论。无论如何,证明yabo亚搏官方网站我们正在努力。这是我们的安慰和使命。但是最困难的部分是我们必须承担其他人的射箭,投掷的泥土和嘲笑也不能构成反击。”

Later she discovered that LeBron was also good at doing this.


In March 2019, LeBron made a promise to Jenny during dinner at the Wally Restaurant in Beverly Hills.


"We promise you that we must win to the end," recalled LeBron's agent Rich Paul, who was also participating in the dinner with Rambis. "Different from what the outside world sees, we will have a different result. Let those people chatter, we just need to do the work we should do."

勒布朗的经纪人里奇·保罗回忆道,他说:“我们保证必须赢到最后。” “与外界所看到的不同,我们会有不同的结果。让那些人people不休,我们只需要做我们应该做的工作。”

This was the tone that Jenny had set for the team that summer. The two sides coincided.


LeBron has been quiet in the summer, but he didn't miss anything. He didn't miss a minute in the playoffs, and his motivation became more and more surging as he watched other teams and players sing me on stage.


For someone who has entered the Finals for 8 consecutive years, it feels strange to watch Leonard grab the spotlight, become an FMVP in the Raptors, and enter the strongest person discussion.


That summer was very similar to Michael Jordan's summer of 1995, when he was filming the first part of "Space Dunk" and was eliminated early in the playoffs. As a bystander, Jackson also noticed this.

那年夏天与迈克尔·乔丹(Michael Jordan)1995年的夏天非常相似,当时他正在拍摄《太空扣篮》的第一部分,并在季后赛初期被淘汰。作为旁观者,杰克逊也注意到了这一点。

"It seems that LeBron has borrowed a little bit of the spirit from Jordan and Kobe, ‘we will let them know that sooner or later,’" Jackson said. "This is always a source of motivation, so LeBron did a good job. I think he is a very good leader. I questioned that when the group of young people played the previous year, but he was very focused here. Great."

杰克逊说:“勒布朗似乎从乔丹和科比那里借了一点精神,‘我们迟早会告诉他们的。’ “这一直是激励的动力,所以勒布朗做得很好。我认为他是一个非常出色的领袖。我质疑当一群年轻人参加上一年比赛时,他却非常专注于这里。太棒了。”

The legacy of this Lakers team is not just that they experienced all this and became a champion, but also the way they deal with each new challenge.


Winning the championship in Cleveland was LeBron's commitment to his hometown, and this championship was a commitment to his own basketball career. At the age of 16, LeBron was given the nickname "The Chosen Son". The advertisement at that time said that we are all witnesses of his career. In the 17th year of his career, when he was 35 years old, LeBron's long peak also attracted a loyal audience.


"It is of great significance to play for this team," LeBron said at the press conference after winning the championship. "When I first joined Jenny, I told Jenny that I would bring this team back to its place. Her late great father worked for so many years, she took over this responsibility, and I have the opportunity to become It’s incredible to be a member of a team with such a long history."

勒布朗在获得冠军后的新闻发布会上说:“这支球队的比赛意义重大。” “当我第一次加入珍妮时,我告诉珍妮,我将把这个团队带回原来的位置。她已故的伟大父亲工作了很多年,她接任了这一职责,而我有机会成为一名成员具有如此悠久历史的团队。”

The 2020 Finals is the fourth time LeBron has participated, and he has brought three teams to this stage. This is also the sixth time he averaged at least 25 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the Finals. The other 5 players who have played this type of stats have all achieved once (Durant, O'Neal, Olajuwon, Barkley and Kareem). LeBron's 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists in G6 was his 11th NBA Finals triple-double and the first in history.


However, when he joined the Lakers, what LeBron said was that in the final chapter of his career, he didn't have much to prove. And after seeing how much he proved in this long season, it now seems stupid to say that. He also eliminated the Heat. He had learned too many lessons about discipline and focus on that team, which made this championship more meaningful.


It can be said that this is a completed cycle. It can also be said that LeBron's life is complete. His journey to the championship and FMVP is everything he has learned and achieved along the way.


"We just want to get our respect," he continued at the press conference. "Rob wants the respect that belongs to him, Coach Vogel wants the respect that belongs to him. The management wants the respect that belongs to them, the Lakers country wants the respect that belongs to them. And I want to belong to me."

他在新闻发布会上继续说:“我们只是想得到我们的尊重。” “罗伯想要属于他的尊重,沃格尔教练想要属于他的尊重。管理层想要属于他们的尊重,湖人国家想要属于他们的尊重。而我想要属于我。”

In G5 on Friday, there was a moment when LeBron seemed to be alone in this championship journey. Davis injured his right heel when he landed, limped off the court, and fell to the ground in pain, as if his Achilles tendon had just torn.


Davis grabbed his right foot, and the Lakers ran over to look at him. LeBron thought of Davis' injury history, and the camera captured his expression. His face says it all.


Throughout the season, LeBron and Davis have been inspiring each other. It is to maintain the highest level of performance in injury and adversity. To shield noise and doubters. In order to focus on—this is one of LeBron’s favorite sayings—the main goal, the main goal.


Few super-giant duos in NBA history can achieve such success in their first season of cooperation, and there is not much arrogant struggle.


But LeBron and Davis realized their common goal very early, and both paid a reputational price for Davis's joining the Lakers in the summer of 2019. So they pass the time together, train together, and perhaps most importantly, they need each other.


"In my first seven years with the Cavaliers, I felt that I might not be able to overcome it. I need help and someone needs to push me," LeBron said. "When I can go to the Heat, I will get Wade and Bosh, as well as the entire management push."

勒布朗说:“在骑士队的头七年,我觉得我可能无法克服它。我需要帮助,有人需要推动我。” “当我可以去热火的时候,我将得到韦德和波什,以及整个管理层的推动。”

"So, after we get (Davis), we are also pushing him to let him know how good he can be, as long as he sees a better way to play and let him participate in this special cause. So It means too much to me to see him come to this day, and the fact that he trusts me is even more precious."


For LeBron, Davis may be his best, and perhaps his best shot, making his purple and golden years in Los Angeles really brilliant. For Davis, LeBron is the mentor he has been looking for.


"He used to be an excellent player, but being a teammate with LeBron can teach him all this," Davis said. "For him, it is amazing to learn from LeBron and they can come together so quickly."

戴维斯说:“他曾经是一名出色的球员,但与勒布朗成为队友可yabo亚搏以教会他这一切。” “对他来说,向勒布朗学习真是太棒了,他们可以这么快地团结起来。”

Davis's injured right heel was very uncomfortable. But they have been gone for too long to end like this. He stood up, walked to the sidelines, and kept the trainer away from him. He insisted on finishing G5 and dominated G6 on the defensive end.


"What people don't know about Anthony is," his father said. "If they rewatch his NCAA championship game at the University of Kentucky, they will find that he played badly. I remember he scored 5 points in total, but he might have won. 15 rebounds and 5 blocks."

他的父亲说:“人们对安东尼一无所知。” “如果他们重新观看他在肯塔基大学的NCAA冠军赛,他们会发现他的表现不佳。我记得他一共获得5分,但他可能赢了。15个篮板和5个盖帽。”

"He will feel,'I am in bad shape today, but I will definitely guard all opponents at the basket.' He still has this mentality. He doesn't have to score, he only cares about winning, this is him The mentality that has existed since college."


Since the accidental death of Kobe, his daughter Jaina, and 7 others on January 26, so many things have happened in the world. At that time, we didn't know that it was just the first blow of courage to all of us in 2020.


"The pain is still there," Jenny said. "This is probably one thing I will never let go of."

詹妮说:“痛苦仍然存在。” “这可能是我永远不会放弃的一件事。”

She said that she knew that people would remember him forever, and he would continue to inspire them. But if he is around, especially in such a year, it will be different.


"The loss is too heavy," she said. "But when we know that everyone feels like this, we at least don't feel so alone."

她说:“损失太重了。” “但是当我们知道每个人都有这样的感觉时,我们至少不会感到孤单。”

The weeks after Kobe's death have now become a vague mess, initially shocked and deeply saddened. Then there was grief for his family, and then there was the amazing power that Vanessa Bryant showed at the memorial meeting between Kobe and Jaina on February 24.

科比去世后的几周现在已经变得模糊不清,一开始震惊又深感悲痛。然后是他的家人的悲痛,然后是瓦妮莎·布莱恩特(Vanessa Bryant)在2月24日科比和吉安娜(Jina)之间的纪念会议上展现的惊人力量。

Then their season was suspended for one day, and the Lakers vs. Clippers game on January 28 was postponed. Just a few days ago, this was the highlight of the third time the two city rivals and champion favorites met, but it was meaningless.


A few days later, Frank Vogel called the players back for training, but only to get together again. He put the first part of the training outdoors, everyone stood in the California sunshine, hoping that fresh air and vitamin D would help them.

几天后,弗兰克·沃格尔(Frank Vogel)要求球员回去接受训练,但又重新聚在一起。他把训练的第一部分放在户外,每个人都站在加州的阳光下,希望新鲜的空气和维生素D对他们有帮助。

"This is one of the luxury of living in Los Angeles," Vogel said.


A few days later, the Lakers should play the game. LeBron knew that this was the moment he needed his voice.


"Listen, I have written something," he said. "But the Lakers country, if I read these words, I really can't help you-so I just said what I was saying."

他说:“听,我写了一些东西。” “但是湖人国家,如果我读到这些话,我真的帮不了你,所以我只是说了我的话。”

"When I look at this stadium, I feel sad, sad and heartbroken. The best way to experience such a tragedy is to rely on the shoulders of my family."


"Before I came here last year, I heard how united the Lakers family is, and this week, I saw it." He continued. "It's not just the unity of the players, the unity of the coaching staff and the management, everyone is so united. All the people present are a real family."

“去年我来这里之前,我听说湖人一家有多么团结,而本周,我看到了。”他继续。 “不仅仅是球员的团结,教练组和管理层的团结,每个人都是如此团结。在座的所有人都是一个真正的家庭。”

Becoming a Laker means more attention to everything. Champions, statements, classic moments, your voice.


Like Kobe, LeBron likes to study history. He knows that those teams are the guardians of the legendary fire beyond the great stars and the times. Before joining the Lakers, he has achieved a lot in his career, but if he can win the Lakers, the impact will be huge.


After George Floyd's death, LeBron called his longtime advisers Adam Mendelssohn and Maverick Carter. He wanted to say something, and he wanted to do something.

乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)死后,勒布朗打电话给他的长期顾问亚当·门德尔松(Adam Mendelssohn)和小牛卡特(Maverick Carter)。他想说些什么,他想做些什么。

The two advisers told him that for the presidential election in November this year, they were working on a project called "more than one vote." LeBron immediately expressed his intention to join and began to organize video conferences with other athletes, persuading them to join in and amplify his voice.


When the Bucks suddenly decided not to participate in the Magic War because of the time of the Black shooting, LeBron communicated with friends and advisers that night. He supported the Bucks and their ideas, but their lack of planning and strategy also frustrated him.


But after he and Paul spoke with former President Obama, his mind changed. Before serving as president or senator, Obama was a community organizer. With this experience, he told LeBron that night: to gain something from this. Urge the NBA, urge the boss, urge the entire society to take more action.


Early the next morning, LeBron, Paul and the Heat’s Iguodala made three proposals to the league and the boss, demanding their firm commitment: establish a social justice league, change the arena into a polling place, and Advertising spaces are added to each playoff game to increase citizen participation in national and local elections.


Then, LeBron and the Lakers continued their season.


No matter how much she admires LeBron for bringing the Lakers back to glory, she said that what she admires most is LeBron's strength and conviction.


"He is not afraid to use his platform to say something important, nor is he afraid of backlash or public opinion," Jenny said. "He sticks to his beliefs, which makes me more daring to speak up, speak up for the problems I am aware of now, and speak for the right cause."

詹妮说:“他不惧怕使用自己的平台发表重要言论,也不惧怕反弹或舆论。” “他坚持自己的信念,这使我更加敢于大声疾呼,为我现在意识到的问题大声疾呼,并为正确的事业辩护。”

In this season, she has written and published more speeches on social justice issues than ever before, and she is not afraid of being backlashed by public opinion.


Perhaps as Jackson said, she just believed her own ideas. Maybe it's because she survived the criticism from the previous summer, and saw the Lakers' performance, knowing that she had the right to trust Pelinka and the team.


A Lakers executive said: "Although some of our so-called old enemies really spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the media circle, we have been working hard and focusing on basketball-because we only care about winning."


But in this long season, Jenny has also gained growth.


When her father was still there, Jenny was very popular among Lakers fans. She is sitting in the second row of Staples Center. They are easy to approach her.


"That's one of the things she and her father always surprised me," Jackson said. "They think this team belongs to this city, and the Lakers belong to Los Angeles."

杰克逊说:“这是她和父亲总是让我感到惊讶的事情之一。” “他们认为这支球队属于这个城市,而湖人则属于洛杉矶。”

It's hard to say whether LeBron miscalculated the acceptance of him by Lakers fans in the first place. Or he just wants to spend some time adjusting to his new city.


Fans thought he would show up at Blaze Pizza (note: LeBron's investment chain restaurant brand) event, but he did not show up, they were angry. They painted murals around Los Angeles, declaring that Kobe is still the King of the Lakers, not Emperor James. When the camera lined up with him who was injured at the time and walked into Staples with a glass of red wine to watch, the fans may never forgive him.

球迷认为他会参加Blaze Pizza(注:勒布朗的投资连锁餐厅品牌)活动,但他没有出席,他们很生气。他们在洛杉矶周围画了壁画,宣称科比仍然是湖人之王,而不是詹姆斯皇帝。当相机对准当时受伤的他并带一杯红酒走进斯台普斯观看时,粉丝们可能永远不会原谅他。

"Anyway, one thing I learned is that Lakers fans don't care what position you played before," LeBron said. "It doesn't matter to them what you did until you became a Laker. Then, you have to succeed as a Laker to earn their respect. I learned this lesson."

勒布朗说:“无论如何,我了解到的一件事是湖人队的球迷不在乎你之前担任过哪个职位。” “对他们来说,在成为湖人之前您所做的并不重要。然后,您必须成功地成为湖人才能赢得他们的尊重。我学到了这一课。”

Like Jenny, LeBron also focuses on work in Los Angeles, through every challenge every day. His sense of mission has never wavered.


"I am not satisfied with the end of last season, especially the injuries that occurred to myself and the whole team," LeBron said in an interview on September 17. "My mother told me, ‘Don’t chirp, take action.’ So I didn’t say much. Just do my job."


The spray of champagne washed away all the difficult moments. Brilliant moments rush to the forefront of thinking, and challenges disappear.


In the Western Conference Finals, Davis hit the winning three-pointer from one of Kobe's favorite shooting positions, and he called Kobe's name. After the Western Conference finals and finals, before they raised the championship trophy, they celebrated that confetti fell from the sky.


But the reason these moments are sweeter is that they were almost crushed by other moments of grief, and they fought.


"Standing here now means too much to me," LeBron told the Staples audience before the first home game after Kobe died. "I will not only let his legend continue this year, but as long as we can still play the games we love, we will do so."

勒布朗在科比去世后的第一场主场比赛前对斯台普斯观众说:“现在站在这里对我来说意义太大。” “我不仅会在今年继续他的传奇,而且只要我们仍然可以玩自己喜欢的游戏,我们就会这么做。”

When Davis hit the three-pointer and called Kobe's name, Jenny got goose bumps.

当戴维斯(David Davis)击中三分球并打出科比(Kobe)的名字时,珍妮(Jenny)碰到了鸡肋。

"I think he is really there," she said. "Everyone also thinks that this must be a script written in advance, and we designed it on purpose. But that is simply nonsense. This is completely natural and comes from real people. Such a moment cannot be planned."

她说:“我认为他真的在那里。” “每个人都认为这必须是预先编写的脚本,我们是有意设计的。但这完全是胡说。这是完全自然的,来自真实的人。这样的时刻是无法计划的。”

One of the gifts of being isolated for so long in the NBA bubble is that everyone has enough time to think and reflect.


Jenny entered the quarantine zone last week and stayed on the periphery throughout the finals. She is very close to the team, but also very far away-she can only walk to the balcony of the box, wearing a mask, and her best friend for 40 years, Lakers executive Linda Rambis cheering for them.

珍妮上周进入隔离区,并在整个决赛中一直呆在外围。她离球队很近,但也很遥远-她只能戴着面具走到盒子的阳台上,而她最好的朋友40年以来,湖人高管Linda Rambis为他们加油助威。

When the Lakers completed the mission to win the championship, she was allowed to go downstairs to accept the trophy and exercise her boss duties.


"I am proud of you both on and off the court," she told the team. "Los Angeles is also proud of your hard work, career and dedication. You have written your own inspiring chapter in the great Lakers history."

她对团队说:“无论在场上还是场下,我都为你感到骄傲。” “洛杉矶也为您的辛勤工作,职业生涯和奉献精神感到自豪。您在伟大的湖人队历史上写下了自己令人鼓舞的篇章。”

"I want to say to the Lakers Nation that we have experienced a heartbreaking tragedy and lost our beloved Kobe and Jaina. Let this trophy serve as a reminder of the incredible things when we are united and believe in each other. Will happen."


"If it's safe, I look forward to celebrating with you. But before then, I will bring the championship trophy back to Los Angeles where it belongs."


Pelinka stood with the team he had formed. Because of the loss of his long-term customer and good friend Kobe, his heart remains heavy. But enough time has passed so that he can be grateful for what he has now and everything they have achieved together.


"When the hardest test of life comes, we rely on each other," he said. "Use each of us to find a way forward. We will continue to believe that all things can be brought together in some way, and there is always a way to find a good result."

他说:“当最艰难的生活考验到来时,我们就会相互依靠。” “让我们每个人都找到前进的道路。我们将继续相信,所有事物都可以以某种方式结合在一起,并且总有一种方法来找到良好的结果。”


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